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Caroline Lizarraga

Caroline is happiest working in Old World ways with her hands permanently covered in plaster and paint. With over twenty years of experience, you will find her collaborating with some of the nation's most in-demand interior designers, coast to coast.


Caroline started her education in fashion design but was unsure that was the right path. Eventually, she changed course and studied furniture restoration in Florence before moving back to San Francisco to apprentice under a local decorative artist. She trained for and honed her craft in the cobblestoned streets of Italy and continues to bring that old-fashioned sensibility to all of her projects today. Caroline describes her relationship with decorative painting as falling in love. "I have always had my hands in some kind of arts. I took classes in ceramics and jewelry making. You name it. When I finally discovered decorative painting, I knew I had to abandon all other arts so I could focus on that. It was like falling in love. It felt like the perfect match for me."


No two jobs are ever alike. Caroline is on every job site, working with each client and applying every layer of color and detailing solely by hand. She is passionate about creating exceptional interior environments and helping her clients find and express their distinctive styles. Whether it's a boutique hotel in Napa Valley, an expansive winery estate, or a private residence, her approach is always the same: create a completely authentic and magically artful space.

Riccardo Sibilano

Born and raised in Puglia, Riccardo brings his extensive passion and knowledge of the region and the native tongue. His family origins are deeply tied to the Apulian soil, at least the 14th generation family member born in Northern Apulia. And he is also the first Italian-American ex-pat in his family, having moved to sunny California in 2010.


Riccardo is a scientist by training. He is deeply moved by complexity in nature and humans, an intuitive problem solver who has devoted most of his career to understanding the fine line separating health and disease. He is a true "foodie" and enjoys wine and traveling adventures in his spare time. He is motivated to teach his daughter Raffaella everything about her Italian origins, traditions, language, and family heritage.

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