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The Experience 

CURIOSARE ITALIA is a family-owned passion project that combines decorative painting and the Italian lifestyle. Conceived as a luxury "day camp" for adults, this one-of-a-kind escape is a true adventure for individuals that seek an incredible and unique lifestyle experience. Curiosare Italia was founded in 2020 by San Francisco-based Decorative Artist Caroline Lizarraga and her husband, Doctor, and Italian ex-pat Riccardo Sibilano. It combines ancient painting techniques, cooking classes, and a curated exploration of the Puglia region with Caroline and Riccardo and their extended group of experts.  


The goal is for guests to shed the weight of their daily lives and fully embrace the Italian lifestyle by relaxing their minds, body, and soul. The entire experience is all-inclusive, with all your needs anticipated and met for a true luxury getaway. Guests are only responsible for getting to and from Puglia.


As the post-pandemic world reopens and travel returns to normal, Curiosare Italia will expand its classes into wellness and spirituality to refresh guests on every level, reenergizing them for their everyday lives. As our children get to escape during school breaks and summer camps, we as adults should also be able to experience new adventures curated to enlighten the spirit and engage our senses.


Over the last several years, Italy's magic has been shifting, and all eyes are now on Puglia. With its expansive olive groves, the majestic Lecce valley, and historic towns like Bari and Brindisi, its laid-back style and rustic charm have catapulted the region to the top of the international destinations lists.


Caroline and Riccardo have separated Curiosare Italia into two semesters: Spring in the South, teaching guests about faux stone and marble techniques, and Fall in the North, focusing on the lush landscape and olive groves with landscape painting at its core. As a native of Puglia, Riccardo engages with his family and friends across the region to curate the day trips and excursions. 

Sunday, Apr 27 - Sunday, May 4, 2025


Sunday, May 11 - Sunday, May 18, 2025

Location: Villa Tenuta Dell'Alto, in Lecce
Salento Region -  the South of Apulia

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