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Welcome to Puglia

The Region


Puglia has long been a popular destination for summer travel for Italians because of the beauty of its beaches. In recent years adventurous tourists from all over the world, seeking to escape the crowds of the larger Italian tourist-filled cities, have discovered the beauty of this delightful region and especially of the Salento, the most southern part of the region, known as the “land of two seas”. Puglia is situated between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas and is often referred to as the heel of the Italian boot.
It is a land of great natural beauty dominated by vineyards and olive trees which make it one of the largest producers of both wine and olive oil in Italy and Europe. Inhabited since prehistoric times it has been marked by the passage of many civilizations. This small but charming region has played an outsized role in history and offers throughout a rich feast of charming towns, archeological sites, museums, medieval castles, fortresses, and Baroque architecture that provide endless enchanting discoveries even for the seasoned tourist.

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